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rut-Segh Dalbogh Lyophilizer

rut-Segh Dalbogh Lyophilizer
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vaj nej SoH chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, 'ej Soj rut-Segh Dalbogh lyophilizer vo' jungwoq rut-Segh Dalbogh lyophilizer, dryer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty, pagh check rut-Segh Dalbogh lyophilizer customization taD desing je targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, 'ej DubelmoHchugh Hot tlhab toption jan contact rut-Segh Dalbogh vacuum.

toption-10t Vacuum taD dryer

laH linked topt-10e ghantoH rut-Segh Dalbogh lyophilizer je 24 pcs Hol rubber valve, ngaQ qul naQmey je 24 pcs ampoule tube, laH customized le' requirements. applicable ampoule tube preservation bacteria, 'atlhqam 'ej strains microbial latlh, laboratory pIj lo' ampoule ngaQ. qaSpu'DI' lyophilization, packaged sample pa' mach ampoules.

chaH Dapon 'e' yI Characteristics:

1. qul naQmey SuD environmental protection international motlh;

2. lcd bey', chinese interface, bey' curve QaD.

3. pre-taD Qap ghaj tIn openings bIr von, HurDaq coil pipe qoD,

4. DughajmoH compressor, jen capability bIQ-jon, 'eS wab.

technical indices:

1. Hat von bIr: <-55℃, (-80℃ optional).

2. qechmeyDaj Huj vacuum: < 10pa

3. bIQ-jon capability: 3 kg ghap 24 h

4. HoS: 600w

5. dimention:425 * 615 * (370 + 455) mm

6. ngI': 40 Kg

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