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Customize herbal taD dryer naH HablI' Industrial Lyophilizer QaD

Customize herbal taD dryer naH HablI' Industrial Lyophilizer QaD

Soj industrial vacuum taD dryer, iso ce je laHlIj guarantee, Segh lyophilizer 'ach yuQmeyDaq products SaH porgh Damo' ghaH, naH, naH 'ej dryer.10 DIS taD HablI' cham development Qutlh customize targhHom veDDaq noch lyophilizer QaD, qatlh taD chinese Hergh herbal.

Product Details

ghantoH silicon oil heating taD dryer applicable:SaH porgh Damo' ghaH products, naH, naH, 'ej chinese herbal Hergh freeze-dried.

dryer lo' chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj color Hot jIHDaq 'ej PLC taD 1.tpv-200f ghap 300f je SeH botlh, SeH pat ngaDmoH je reliable. 33groups taD ghun QaD laH ngevwI' 'oH 'ej laH cher Hoch ghun 36 segments. taD QaD curve 'ej automatically ta De' laH cha' 'oH. taD De' QaD laH output pong usb flask gho Doqqu'. ghantoH yuQmeyDaq'orwI' ghISDen mach ghISDen production 'ej.

2.tpv-200f ghap 300f ghantoH taD dryer, je cha' compressors je cascade refrigeration, laH SIch condenser Hat <-75℃.

3. samples laH taD 'ej QaD ta' mIv'a' Hoch wo'. ghaH jejlaw' unit, ngeD jom 'ej Qap cooling. cha' Segh: motlh Segh yor press Segh je 'oH.




QaD mIchHom taD

2.25 ㎡

3.15 ㎡

condenser Hat


vacuum qechmeyDaj Huj

< 5pa

bIQ jon capacity

30 kg ghap 24 h

60 kg ghap 24 h

method cooling

cooling jejlaw'Hat draughty, ambient ≤ 25℃

method defrosting


ta' mIv'a' size

500x900mm * 5 + 1

500x900mm * 7 + 1




1200 kg

1500 kg

dimension (mm)

1200 x 2100 x 1700

1200 x 2300 x 1700

capacity Thickness: 10 mm 'ej

22 L

20 m

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