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qaStaHvIS-situ yor-press Vacuum taD dryer

qaStaHvIS-situ yor-press Vacuum taD dryer
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nej SoH chemical, biology, pharmaceutical 'ej Soj neH-situ yor-press vacuum taD dryer vo' jungwoq qaStaHvIS-situ yor-press vacuum taD dryer, 1㎡ yor-press vacuum taD dryer, dryer manufacturers, suppliers 'ej facoty taD 1㎡ gland Segh vacuum, pagh yor-vacuum taD dryer customization press 'ej Hot toption jan contact tlhab desing je targhHom veDDaq noch supplier qaStaHvIS jungwoq, nuqneH qaStaHvIS-situ checking.

tpv-100 g yor-press Vacuum taD dryer

chaH Dapon 'e' yI Characteristics:

rIn prefreezing 'ej QaD mIw ● je situ. equipped taD dryer observation Qorwagh 'ej QaD mIw automatic.

● Hat Qagh qup puS, pagh equal 1℃. QaD 'angbogh Da HIp;

● partition-tIj Hat adjustable 'ej yISeH;

laH lut'e' ● stored 32programs, Hoch ghun woDDI' 36 segments, ghun De' neH computing lugh, memorize curve QaD;

chev ● pa' QaD bIr von 'ej vaj watercapture capability veb vaj QaD poH shorter;

● Hot-jIHDaq yo'SeH, pid yISeH, cha' QaD curve;

● sample tray mach neH luDan vaj ngeD Say' 'ej Qap;

● Configuration inflation valve rechargeable QaD inert SIp;

transparent HIvje' organic adopts ● QaD pa' lojmIt choH mIw Hap 'u' HuvchoH;

waH jan ● optional;

Hop SeH chaq chav ● pc software. software optional.

technical indices:

●freeze-QaD mIchHom: 1.152㎡

●layers partition tIj: 4 1 patlh +

●temperature scope partition tIj:-50℃ ~ 70℃

●partition tIj Hat error:±1(ambulance)

●partition tIj logh: 100 mm

partition tIj: 480 ●size * 600 * 20

●Ф22 bal: 2428

●Ф16 bal: 4706

●Ф12 bal: 8400

●cold von Hat: ≤-70℃(empty)

●water-jon capability: 15 kg ghap 24 h

●material:10 l

defrost ●defrost style: electric

●vacuum qechmeyDaj Huj: ≤10pa


●weight:1050 KG

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